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Let Us Ease Your Workload

Prior to joining Hathaway Settlements, I myself was a claims adjuster. I worked for an insurance company as well as a TPA for nearly 10 years. A majority of my claims examining carrier involved commercial trucking cases, some small, some catastrophic. And of course, most of them involved injured parties that wanted to rip MY head off. Of course, it was as if I was driving that truck full of frozen chicken tenders down an Arkansas highway and happened to destroy their camper and cause them neck injuries. I get it, accident victims need someone to yell at, and as a claims adjuster, we are usually that someone.

It's a tough job. Some days are a full out grind, making initial phone calls, getting statements, reviewing policy limit demands for a back strain or a knee bruise. Claims adjusters wear many hats; they are investigators, medical reviewers, negotiators, bill payers and most importantly resolution experts.

Yes, claims examiners are experts. They take in hundreds of claims per year and find resolutions to the claim that makes both sides happy. It may take a week, a month, or even years, but from inception to closing, Claims examiners are working their expertise to resolve those cases.

What we want to do is make their days a little easier. We know the amount of work they have to put into each file and all the tactics they use to come to a settlement. What we offer is another tactic, another solution, an intriguing option for both the defendant and claimant. Structured Settlements can help bridge the gap between what a defendant wants to pay and what a claimant believes they deserve.

"How does that help me?" You may ask.

  • We provide quotes 24/7!

  • We will assist you in negotiations, if requested.

  • We can join you at settlement conferences to provide up to the minute quotes using our tiny printer!

  • We can track down your claimant and get them on the phone (See .gif below)

  • We can reach out to the injured party and/or their attorney to discuss the claim and make offers for you using your authority and our Structured Settlement Quoting Software.

  • We can talk to the injured party to explain what the future would look like after settlement.

  • We provide all post settlement documentation for the structured settlement!


So if you are in a position like I was as an adjuster, with 200+ open files to your name and 8 new ones show up on your desk every day, give us a shout and let us ease your workload! We are happy to do so, and our services are FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What may an injured individual need and how can we be of assistance in that matter?

Common Needs Resolved with a Structure:

  • Wages

  • Prescription Costs

  • Attendant Care

  • Nursing Home Expenses

  • Housekeeping

  • Baby Sitting

  • Rehab

  • Mortgage

  • College Tuition

  • Medical Treatment

  • Medical Equipment

  • Offset Government Programs (SSD, SSDI)

  • Transportation

  • Retirement Funding

  • Estate Funding

  • Inflation Guard

  • Vacation Fund


Reminder of what we can Structure:

Work Comp:

  • MSA's

  • Indemnity

  • Life Care Plans

  • Death Benefits

  • Attendant Care Costs

  • Employment Cases


  • Cases with Minors

  • Dog Bites

  • Burns

  • Auto Accidents

  • Birth Complications

  • Wrongful Death

  • Life Care Plans

  • Attendant Care

  • Med Mal

  • Slip and Falls

  • Income Replacement

  • Single Parent Survivor Income

  • Supplemental Childcare

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