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What is a MSA Structured Settlement?

  • Claimant will receive a small immediate payment for the Seed Amount and Future annual payments over time rather than a lump sum today.

  • Provides claimants with a secure, predictable tax-free income to pay Medicare reimbursable expenses.

  • Is a claims resolution tool beneficial to all stakeholders.

When to Structure a msa

  • Any MSA over $25,000 or more And 

  • The injured worker is expected to live at least 10 years.

Also Consider Structures on WC Indemnity Claims:

  • Survivorship Claims - Replacing spouse or Children Income.

  • Any Severe Injuries with shortened life expectancy. 

  • Minor or Mentally Incompetent person

  • Claimants with limited investment or financial skills.

  • Plaintiff demand and offer are FAR apart.

Advantages of funding MSA's with Periodic payments (structures)

  • Reduces settlement costs.

  • Guaranteed Payments from A rated Life Insurance Companies.

  • Protects MSA funds.

  • Medicare Approved.

  • Close more claims, quicker. 

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