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Unlocking Cost Efficiency in Worker’s Compensation: The Power of Structured Settlements

By capitalizing on today's favorable rates, you could resolve a $300,000 Medicare Set-Aside settlement for merely $200,000. This translates to a substantial savings of nearly $100,000! Consider the following example:

MSA Structured Settlement
MSA Structured Settlement Example (Rates are subject to change)

The above example shows that Mr. Injuredback requires an initial sum of $60,000 in upfront cash payments for immediate medical needs, also called the "Seed", followed by an annual amount of $15,000 over the next 16 years to cover all future medical related to his worker's compensation claim. Opting for a Structured Settlement Annuity can yield significant cost savings for the employer or insurer, approximately $100,000 off of those future medical expenses.

Settling future medical expenses in this way is approved and encouraged by Medicare and widely used in Worker's Comp settlements involving future medical expenses.

At Hathaway settlements, we are experts in resolving worker's compensation cases, including those involving MSA's, pensions, indemnity, life care plans, survivorship benefits and Permanent total disability. Contact us today to get your free quote: 248-715-5250

Structuring MSA Settlements
Structured Settlements Make You Feel:


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