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As structured settlement experts, we are always hitting the road. It may be to visit clients, provide training or attend mediations. We are also out and about, attending educational conferences as exhibitors. Yep. We are sometimes those handsome fella’s behind a table offering candy and pens, hoping you will talk to us (and hopefully send us some business!) at those hotel insurance conferences.

Sounds fun doesn’t it! We have the cool banner (made it myself!) and literature about how fantastic our services are. Our candy supply is usually bountiful, however there are a few conferences that do have more sweet-tooth’s than most, so act fast!

At most of the conferences we provide a raffle prize; the past few conferences we gave away an Amazon Echo Show, or a sweet waterproof Bluetooth speaker (Must leave a business card to win).

We also provide the great attendee’s with a game of chance; conference in the near future and you hope to see us, PICK AN ACE, win a gift card! Now, there have been some skeptics to this game, but I insist, there is no trick here, just luck. Out of 104 playing cards, you can have up to 8 ACE’s to draw (13% Chance to win and it cost you nothing!) which will win you a gift card to a well-known retailer or coffee shop. Give it a try!

So if you are headed to an educational insurance conference in the near future and you hope to see us, PICK AN ACE, win a prize (refer us some cases :) ) below is a list of the conference we have lined up in our near future! If you will be in attendance, be sure to stop by and say hello!

  • August 4th to 7th – CWC & Risk Conference – Dana Point, CA\

  • October 10th - MSIA Fall Conference, Ypsilanti, MI

  • February 11th – 12th - DWC – LAX Marriott

  • February 28th – March 1st - DWC

– Oakland CA Marriott City Center

  • For future Exhibiting dates, please email Mike Hathaway directly.

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