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Move Over Death & Taxes, There's Something Else Guaranteed in Life!

It's true. What we offer is some what of a mystery. When I tell someone that I am a "Structured Settlement Consultant", 7 out of 10 people recite a jingle they hear on a commercial during Judge Judy. The other 3 politely nod and say, "Oh ok." but have little understanding or think I'm a lawyer. To put it simply, we offer "Guarantees".

There is a common saying that only two things in life are guaranteed, "Death and Taxes". I would like to add a 3rd, Structured Settlements! Structured Settlements are essentially "Guarantees". The benefits you agree to are guaranteed to be paid. They will not go down in value. They will not stop earlier than expected. If they are related to an injury, they are guaranteed TAX FREE, which is...Awesome!

Arcadia Settlement offices have assisted in the settlement of tens of thousands of claims over 3 decades with the use of Structured Settlements and NOT ONE payment has been missed. NOT ONE! Our National Services Office has never missed a single payment to the thousands of injured individuals, beneficiaries, and workers.

It's true that nearly 70% of all Lottery winners are broke within 5 years. There are many factors for this common occurrence. Just to name a few:

  • Bad investments, i.e. restaurants, bars, stocks

  • Loaning money to Family and Friends

  • Poor money management

  • Unnecessary large purchases

  • Underestimating Taxes

  • Theft

Injury settlements are not much different than winning the lotto in most cases. Many people find themselves with a big cash payment and no certainty what to do with it because most options are not a guaranteed home-run. They will likely have family or neighbors in their ear, telling them to buy Bitcoin, Who knows? Would suffering through a catastrophic car accident, agreeing to a settlement, and then looking at your $0 bank account 5 years later seem like a valid financial plan? Of course not.

That's why we believe a Structured Settlement to be the best bet for a portion or all of your settlement funds. depending on the circumstances. You do not need to put all your settlement dollars into a Structure. They are completely up to you. They can be tailored to your needs. They can be put in place for your children. There is even an option that can increase your annual payments based on the S&P 500, that only increases your payment amount and will NEVER decrease!!!! (Pacific Life ILAPA)

There are so many options!

So, I listed the risks of keeping all your cash, here is the list of benefits when using a Structured Settlement:

  • All Payments are GUARANTEED according to the agreed projected benefit stream

  • Annual, Monthly, Weekly, etc. Payments WILL NOT DROP IN VALUE

  • Payments are exempt from Federal & State Taxes, Interest & Dividend Taxes, Capital Gains Taxes & The Alternative Minimum Tax. TAX FREE!

  • Structures make Injury Settlements to Minors possible and extremely beneficial.

  • Set up Payments for College Funds

  • Use Monthly Benefits for Mortgage Payments

  • Can be used as Income replacement

  • Retirement Replacement

  • Shelter Federal / State Assistance

  • Attendant Care

So, to better secure your settlement and GUARANTEE your payments for LIFE, contact us before you agree to settle your case! Structures are Guaranteed!

Thank you and have a great 2022!

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