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Accelerated Claims Closure Program

We have a question for you; What can you do about those "old dog" cases that have been around for several years and look to be around another 20-30 years?

Answer: Our Accelerated Claims Closure Program (ACCP)

  • It is a proprietary claims negotiation and settlement process we have successfully employed for many of our clients.

  • It is successful in settling on average, 3 out of 4 referrals while saving our clients 20-40% off their reserves.

  • NO COST TO YOU! - We only get paid when the case settles, making us very motivated to save you money and settle cases!

  • Process requires little time and effort by the adjusters.

  • At your Authority, we chase down and negotiate with claimants and Attorney's.

How It's Done:

Contact us for further details:

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